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Okay, so maybe this is NOT how this Valentines day worked out. Its okay. Year 2021 still has its ups and downs.

Hey Guys, so its date night, and its big for us because we have not had an “alone” date in over a year!!!! Join us as we get READY!!!

After not having a real “Date,” for over a year, this night was highly special to us.

It was fun and very intriguing. Every Valentines day, we usually end up taking our girls out somewhere, and celebrating our love for each other at a fancy restaurant.

It’s the ultimate dad date, where the girls get to see how a gentleman, their dad, is supposed to treat a woman, out on a date.

Randomnestfamily girls
Fancy Girls

Bonus! We usually get really dressed up. Even the girls who go out with us, they put on their best dresses and their fanciest shoes.

However, on this particular night, we take you through out get ready routine.

Ryan shows you how to do a very cool hair cut and I take you through my ultimate facial routine.

The recipe for that facial can be found here.

Then, its time for makeup! One of my favorite things to do. Since I do not wear makeup everyday, I enjoy it when I wear it.

So join us today!

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