First, hello and hi to ALL of our new subscribers. We pray that our channel will bless you, and we appreciate you being here.

We do a lot on this channel, but our goal is to represent Christ in all we do: shopping, raising kids, organizing, updating, having fun, you name it, we do it.

So, this video is from our shopping trip LAST week. Since then, we have seen the urgency to stock up on certain items, not because of fear, but because if you don’t, when you need them, they will NOT be there. Like toilet tissue!

Also, because we rarely watch news, we did not know what was going on, but as we began shopping, we figured it out.

Join as we do a Costco Haul and make that “discovery.”

In lew of everything out there, lets start a positive note: In what ways has God shown His faithfulness to you?

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We love our viewers!   

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