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These tortillas are so easy and they start with my basic recipe. I have so many variations for these that most of the time, I don’t know which kind to make!

So I’m giving you my basic recipe and I will be adding some easy fun variations to them as a sub-categories.

Check out my different variations in my menu bar (to be coming soon!)

To meal prep these, you have two options. One is simple, the other is a little tedious, but if you have happy little helpers, it can be done!

Option #1

Make double or triple batches. Make what you need to eat now, then wrap the remaining in floured wax paper, store in a air tight and labeled zip lock bag in the freezer.

Option #2

Make double or triple batches. Make what you need to eat now, then roll out the rest into tortilla circles, squares, what ever you like.

Meanwhile, have a little helper to cut pieces of wax paper up in to squares. You can do this ahead of time too.

As you roll out the tortillas, sprinkle a little extra flour on them, lay a piece of wax paper between each tortilla so they DO NOT touch.

Repeat until all the dough is gone. Store them into a freezer bag, laying flat. DO NOT stuff the bag. Then freeze.

The tortillas last about a good month or so frozen, beyond that I do not know as my family have never allowed me to experiment. They eat them ALL up!

I guess another option would be to cook everything, store between wax paper, than freeze.

If you have time, go for it!

So lets get started!

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