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These burritos are so good and fast no matter how much time you have.

Being able to meal prep these, means lunch or dinner for a month, that is already prepared, yes!

Double this recipe to freeze them off for the future! Need less? Shorten the amount for the ingredients and just make as much as the fillings for.

There are benefits to meal prepping:

  1. It saves money.
  2. It provides fast food that is ready to heat and serve.
    • You have food to come home to and enjoy!
  3. You can make as much as you have room to store.
    • You will not waste food. That’s a big plus for me. We tend to have leftovers that no one wants to eat right away, so this helps by only cooking what is needed for each day. That’s 2 chicken thighs for each person. So I’ll prepare 3 pans, with 12 thighs in each pan!
  4. Its grab and go food.
  5. You control your portions for you and your children.
  6. You spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family!
    • Who doesn’t love more cuddle time with their babies! They grow up so fast!
  7. It helps you plan your grocery list in advance.
    • Especially, if your job is demanding, or you work in ministry, or you are away from home most of the time.

There is so many, many other reasons why meal prepping is the best!

So Lets Get Started!

Fast Burritos (Meal Prep Style)

These burritos are fast and easy, just like you like them-RIGHT!

Build them with your children, and have family time!

  • 40 Tortillas
  • 4 Cans Refried Beans (Organic is best!)
  • 2 lb Cheese (Use your favorite, I love Colby Jack)
  • 1 ½ lb Ground Turkey

Ingredients to cook with the ground turkey:

  • ½ Cup Diced onions (If you don't have this, don't panic. You don't need it, add onion powder instead. Use frozen if you have it.)
  • 2 tbsp Minced Garlic (or 2 cloves peeled and chopped small.)
  • Lawrys Seasoning Salt (Season to taste. Wait until the turkey is done cooking if necessary.)

Bean and Cheese Prep

  1. Start by preparing your refried beans. You can heat them in the microwave, or on the stove top. Either way, I always add goodness to my beans, with a little bit of garlic, its good for you!

  2. Next, shred your cheese block, or if you have extra money, buy the grated cheese.

Cooking The ground Turkey

  1. In a large pot, Saute your onions. Once they start to brown, add the garlic, cook for 2 minutes more.

  2. Next, add your ground turkey and cook until tender on low. (If you are cooking your ground turkey from frozen, refer to the notes below.

  3. When your ground turkey is almost done, add in your seasoning. If you are unsure about how much to add, wait until its done, so you can season to taste.

Burrito Assembly Line

  1. Arrange your beans, cheese, and ground turkey, as well as anything else you want to add inside your burritos in assembly line fashion.

  2. Heat up your tortilla shells so they will not tear easy when rolling into a burrito.

  3. Next, start adding your beans, about 2 tablespoons, and your ground turkey 2 Tablespoons as well.

  4. Top with cheese and anything else you want inside.

  5. DO NOT OVERFILL your BURRITO. It will not close and the insides will spill out. That's okay if you are eating it now, but for meal prep, wrap them as tightly as possible.

  6. Once you have made your burritos, wrap them in pieces of wax paper, and line them in a gallon sized zip lock bag for easy access. Fill you bag up, but DO NOT OVERFILL, as it will smash your burritos.

  7. Store them in the freezer right away so they will be nice and fresh. Enjoy!

I cook my ground turkey from frozen, so if you have to do this, slow cook it.

Add a little water to a large pot, and a little bit of oil.

Cover your pot with a lid, then turn the dial on low to medium low, and cook for 45min, checking every now and than. 

This will make your ground turkey really tender. If you cook it too fast, it will be rubbery and tough.

*Do not forget to label your freezer bags!

Make smaller burritos for tots and smaller kids, and larger ones for older kids and  adults.

If your tots don’t like meat yet, just use beans and cheese!

I hope you have enjoyed this recipe, if you love it, share it!

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