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This is the same banana bread recipe that my husband made in one of our family vlogging videos (linked below). I am very pleased to finally be able to share this with you guys.

These muffins are very delicious, and they taste awesome anytime of the day!

I love the heartiness of these muffins, and they are an awesome meal prep.

In fact, when you freeze them, they last about three months, sometimes longer than that! The only rule of thumb to having them frozen, is that you must wrap and freeze them properly once they cool off for sure freshness.

Double, even triple the batch for meal prep, or to share. I recently made a double batch, in which I baked up into a bundt cake pan, and gave to my neighbors. They absolutely loved it.

So without further ado, lets get STARTED!

These muffins were made in this video:

Even More Recipes can be found here:

Do you need to be inspired, got you covered!

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