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This Memorial Day was a bit different.

No longer filled with squealing kids at parks, and hotdogs on the grill.

Family embraces and “Who can grill the best ribs.”

It’s a bit quieter.

Yet, never forgotten are those who died to keep us free.

Those who served our country and gave their lives for you and me.

You see, that’s a special job that not everyone can do.

God has called special men and women to serve this country.

All throughout time, God has appointed soldiers in armies to protect the people of God.

He can use massive armies like King David’s, and smaller ones, like Gideon’s.  

So, this Memorial Day, we remember those who gave their lives, in their special calling.

But we also remember Christians who are still giving their lives for their faith.

Those who are dying in the army of the Lord.

Jesus said,

If anyone desires to come to Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

Matthew 16:24

Here in America, as Christians, we sometimes forget how good we have it, how spoiled we are.

But God knows how to shake things up, RIGHT. He gets our ATTENTION. He has America’s ATTENTION!

We must not forget to pray for Christians in other countries, dying for the name of Jesus.

Our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are being persecuted along with their families.

They are in the army of the Lord, just like us.

They are on the frontlines of the BATTLEFEILD.

They don’t have the opportunity to profess JESUS out loud, to get others saved.

It done secretly; their lives depend on it!

We are free to profess JESUS, yet some of us are quiet.

Our smaller persecutions, like being ostracized, or hindered by social media platforms, are nothing compared to losing our life in the name of JESUS.

We must remember to fight for our Christian freedoms while we can and use them!

In the days to come, lets pray for ALL soldiers,

God’s mighty protection over ALL of them!


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