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Hey Friends!

Its that time of year again -SUMMER!

We have a month stockpiled with events.

First, it will be my husband and I ten year wedding anniversary June 18th.

Than, it’s Kristens 7th birthday June 20th.

Next, Fathers day is on the 21st!


Can we celebrate ALL of this without going crazy!?

Our goal is to make a video for each of these events as they come, for you. We want you to be able to join our family for all these special days.

Do you think we can do it? Comment if you think so, or what you would suggest.

So in today’s vlog, I had an awesome time getting the house prepared for summer. It was truly a EXTREME clean. I even cooked two awesome meal preps, which I will link down below for you.

You can find these recipes and more in our Cook With Us category, see our menu.

Also, in today’s vlog, I mentioned two Bible resources. Have you ever heard of a Bible you can doodle in?

Well They are sold in our Amazon Shop, so stop by our Shop to check them out. Here’s the link:

In this vlog, I also mentioned my free printables that I created just for you, don’t leave here without them. They are FREE!

You can also find these in our store, linked above.

If you want to get your home together for the summer, and get your meal preparation done, then these planner inserts are just for you!

I can’t wait to share them with you, I have created different variations to suit both male and female.

Enjoy them.

If you saw anything else in our video you loved, just check out our SHOP, it’s most likely there, or let me know, and I will find it for you!

I hope you guys have enjoyed our family vlog. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE when visiting us on youtube.

We Love you,


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