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A Daughter Takeover!

Today’s video was really fun to make. Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, the girls thought it would be a great idea if they took over our inspirational vlogging this Sunday.

Yes, and AMEN!

This is a must see, these girls went all out!

Kristen and Faith didn’t want to be left out of anything, so they grabbed their mom’s cell phone and had at it, doing things their own way.

It’s funny to see them in action because they are VERY close sisters, yet their personalities are extremely different.

Ryah and Ronnie are our soon to be nine year old twins.

Kristen is our soon to be seven year old daughter, and Faith is five years old.

These are the sweetest little girls you ever did meet!

Thank you for joining in on our family, letting us inspire you.

YOU are always in our prayers.

Be blessed!

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We Love you,


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