I can truly say that I have a good father, who through the ups and downs in our family continued to be a good example of how a father should be.

He married my mother and stuck it out as a black father, when most fathers in my neighborhood gave up. 

My Father worked very long hours, for many years just to keep our stomachs full and save up for our occasional family days and vacation.

This family structure that God has established, begins to fall apart, when a father gives up on his family and leaves them to fend for themselves.

I grew up in Compton, CA, the city of the blood and Crip gangs, and the truth is if my father had not decided within himself to follow Christ, I would have been a gang member, a drug dealer, strung out on drugs or locked up in prison. I could have been all of the above.

A real father goes through some stuff!

To make the responsibility as a father to sound easy, is a lie from the devil.

I am not the best father!

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By: Ryan Moore

Of The Randomnestfamily, father

to four beautiful girls.

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