Every year, since we’ve had Kristen, we hardly ever got to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

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This year was almost no different.

I was DETERMINED with everything in me to have an anniversary that we could remember. What made it even more exciting, was the fact that, this year, we get to share it with you guys!

Doing YouTube has opened so many doors and getting to meet new virtual friends has been amazing. Even here, on my blog, and the awesome homeschool community that inspires me.

So, this year, I didn’t want it to be the same. I wanted my YouTube family and Blog family to be a part of our celebration, and to experience a little bit of our marriage day journey.

Every year, Kristen has her birthday on June 20th. Our wedding anniversary is June 18th.

We were always making plans to celebrate her birthday the upcoming weekend, and never really had time to celebrate our special day, until the following weekend.

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I remember, the year prior, Ryan and I felt like we just had to do something, we have never really had a steady baby-sitter. We all got dressed up (kids too) and went to our favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory. We didn’t care, we had to celebrate, so we splurged on many great items!

This year, we could not go to our favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, Covid 19 has spoiled many celebrations, but this didn’t stop us.

We made an at home celebration, making our favorite meal; steak, shrimp for Ryan, veggies, and my homemade tortillas.

I can say, getting dressed up to be home was particularly fascinating!

I really enjoyed getting to talk to my viewers on camera about my wedding dress, doing my makeup, showing you my new jewelry, and sharing my memories.

I even modeled my wedding dress for you all!

It was fantastic, because although it wasn’t what we had planned years ago; a huge party with family and friends, a NEW cake, it was just as fun knowing you guys would get to be there.

I enjoyed going through our old photos, reminiscing on old times, the nervousness of getting ready for that day, the moments of sheer panic when I realized our baker burned our wedding cake and tossed fondant over it (to conceal it).

I was so angry, yet, I was happy. My new husband stood there shaking his head, reading my mind and half smiling. He knows me all too well!

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So, I put it behind me, danced with my husband on what seemed to be a magical dance floor. He spun me right into my daddy! That dance was Amazing!

I was so happy that my daddy could walk me down the aisle, His knees were very bad that year, and he had to walk with a cane. I prayed to God to give him the strength, and as always, the Lord came through. If He didn’t, I said, “Lord, I will push Him down the aisle myself!”

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It has always been a dream of mine to have my dad do that.

I am an AVID daddy’s girl! In Fact, if he did not give his blessing, no marriage! His opinion means the world. He is the reason why I waited till God blessed me with Ryan. My dad’s standards were always really high for anyone trying to date me. That’s probably why I am so protective of my girls. I want the same for them. Trust me, any man just won’t do!

The beginning of our love story started four years before that, it didn’t take me long to realize that Ryan was the love of my life.

We did so much together! I couldn’t believe the trouble we got into while dating. We were radical.

Radical for Christ!

At our colleges, we outreached almost every day. Students literally ran when they saw anyone of us. In 2007, we tried to join a Christian club on Long Beach City College Campus, but once they saw we were black, they didn’t let us in.

Their lost! We studied at Panera Bread EVERYDAY, until they closed.

We held Bible studies with fellow students. We were kicked out of Lakewood mall for passing out fliers and wearing body signs, yes, body signs that displayed the gospel.

Homemade! LOL! Those were some fun, crazy, radical days. Now…I just wish I could find our old college pictures, those would be fun!

When I was pregnant with the twins in 2011, we were serving as outreach leaders at our church. That was a very hard pregnancy, and it happened so early in marriage that it grew us from just lovebirds, to total adults.

Fourteen years later and four kids, I can say that God has always been faithful.

It has never been easy, I think after the kids came, marriage got a bit harder. It wasn’t just us anymore. We couldn’t just do what we wanted. We had to be careful.

God has taught us a lot. We thank God for our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was what got us through, it helped us in the hard times.

“Marriage is not for the faint of heart. It takes work. It takes love. It takes commitment!”

I thank God for all fourteen years, and the ten years of marriage He has given me with my best friend. My dearest best friend.

I love when we finish each other sentences and can read each other like a book. Those secret glances at each other when we see something crazy, funny, or offer to do something for the other person, even though we are tired.

Today, I love when I’m at my desk working, or editing a video, or preparing for a consultation, my husband quietly takes the kiddos outside, or keeps them entertained. I love that he doesn’t wait for me to do EVERYTHING.

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Ever since we started this journey, of working online, and finding other ways to reach people with the gospel, it has taken me away from my regular homemaking. I have never worked as hard before, and I had not worked since I got pregnant in 2010.

Since the beginning, my husband has been there changing diapers, getting up at night to feed babies, cooking and cleaning right alongside me. He has never been one to say, “That’s a woman’s job.”

We have always just worked together. Been partners, Bonnie and Clyde.

So, I have made this video special, not because of the catchy title, which is needed in this business, but because it’s our little tribute to being married for ten years, which seems like a lifetime to me.

Ryan was my first boyfriend, and last, my forever!

Things didn’t work out perfectly, we still had to wait and celebrate my baby Kristen’s birthday, everything worked out, just as the Lord intended.

I hope you can enjoy this video and experience our day with us. It pleases us so much to invite you and have you there!

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