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Ever since this challenge went viral, my husband has been obsessed with doing it.

The girls just happen to love the baby shark song, and I must say it is VERY addictive.

Once you start singing it, you never stop, I can almost guarantee that. It also depends on how much mind power you have.

This started because I had been loaded down with so many life event videos, that we decided that I would take a break and do some website work, answering more of your emails, and Instagram questions.

This week, the twins, Ryah and Ronnie, turn nine years old.

So you can see why I needed a break. They want just as nice a video as I gave their siblings, and they have been hanging over my shoulder to see when I am going to start theirs, lol!

This was a nice break, I love creating YouTube videos and although each one takes time, doing a little editing a day, really helps.

A typical video is about 16 hrs total spread out, give or take.

Ryan, enjoyed doing this vlog, many times I caught him laughing to himself, sometimes hysterically.

I believe he was probably enjoying the fact that my parents did the #babysharkchallege too.

He might not survive that, once my parents see how it actually came out, LOL! I am laughing too hard right now!

However, this vlog is crazy funny, from the actual #babysharkchallenge, which is viral on Youtube, to the funny outtakes, he added. You will definitely enjoy yourself, let us know below!

I hope you guys have enjoyed our family vlog. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE when visiting us on youtube.

We Love you,


P.S. You might have heard me giving the girls DUM DUMs, which are tiny little lollipops.

This was ABSOLUTELY necessary when you have youngsters practicing and dancing for two hours with their dad, LOL.

I hope you noticed how Faith was not really participating, she is strong willed, and when she doesn’t want to do something, she will not do it, LOL!

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