This title is funny, because really, there is no back-to-school craze. As far as shopping goes. Many parents are trying to decide what to do about their kids and school.

Many school districts are doing crazed schedules, where kids will be subject to even more monitor time, and not enough time being a kid.

Have you considered homeschooling?

Right now, is the time to consider this option to give your children a strong start and a better choice.

I wrote a very nice blog post on Reasons To Homeschool And Love It. If you have decided on how you are going to approach school this year, then, it’s time to plan a school routine. Use my Back-To-School weekly printable, or my Sticky Note It Weekly Plans. I describe exactly how to use those in the description.

If you are homeschooling, this process will be a little bit simpler, depending on your kids, and how you took to the summer.

Recently, we took a trip to our local Walmart, and was very surprised to find boxes and boxes of school supplies out, no one buying them, and the sales were RIDICULOUS.

I didn’t go there to get school supply, however, being the very frugal mom that I am, I had to get in on these deals, so no, this blog post isnt sponsored yet!

When you homeschool, you are very careful when it comes to expenses.

We don’t get funding from the government, and our school type is considered private. Yet, homeschooling is not out of the question for single income, or low-income families.

There are many ways to homeschool, and our textbook is the library: in person, or online!

I will create a tutorial soon, with the many different homeschool resources free to us.

However, when it comes to gear: notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, etc. We need to find GOOD deals.

I’ve been looking around online, and while there seems to be good deals here and there, none so good as the items I found at Walmart.

The best part, no shipping fees! Yes! I was so happy to get everything I needed right away, and because many parents are so unsure about the school year, the aisle were practically empty.

For those moms needing ideas on what to buy for their homeschool classroom essentials, I included my essential list in my free BACK TO SCHOOL printables.

Using these printables will get you ready for school, or homeschooling.

First, use the BACK TO SCHOOL checklist to write everything you will need to start homeschooling.

Next, determine what type of curriculum your student(s) will be learning.

Personally, I like to use unit studies to school my girls now, I use Evan Moor books to supplement. You can also build an entire awesome curriculum just using his books alone!

Evan Moor Books and Learning Materials
School Supplies Hot List

I told you homeschooling can be EASY! There is so much to get into, with this being said, and it’s discussed more in detail in my homeschool options explained and my educational approaches to homeschool tutorials.

After you determine what type of curricula you will be using this school year, write it down on another checklist within that packet.

This will make it easier for you to plan, and to see what each subject will require.

Next, set out your budget.

Every year, we budget around two to three thousand dollars, dedicated to homeschooling. You might think, “That’s a whole lotta money!” But, if you think about it, I have four students, and we homeschool under an umbrella school, Star Homeschool Academy, costing us as little as $580 a year for four students. You DO NOT need to use an umbrella school to homeschool, so this expense is subject to the family needs.

This is discussed more in detail, in my homeschool options explained tutorial.

Our budget includes that price, the price of curricula, and school supplies, and any field trips we want to save for.

Again, these things are subject to your family needs.

We OVER BUDGET school, so that we can have extra in the end, for any books or book series we want to buy, and usually there is a huge conference at our church. So over budgeting allows us to save for any expenses that might occur with our girls doing events, buying T-Shirts, and fairs. Anything of that sort.

Alright, so now, let me show you what I got for back to school, I took to my editor to help me organize these photos for you!

Basic essentials!

There is no way you can leave anywhere without these. Writing and coloring is essential, even to adults!

These supplies can last you more than a year if you stock up at these prices. Use these post-its on my BACK-TO-SCHOOL sticky note it printable.

Back TO School Printables

It would be ridiculous if I told you how many highlighters we go through!

Because we all love to annotate our Bibles, and highlight, these go fast. For those large packs at this price, yes!

If you love notebooking, then these notebooks will be a prized possession in your homeschool!

Yes and Amen!

I hope you have enjoyed this homeschool blog. Thank you for visiting us today, God bless you!



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