The story of my twins is a big one.

I still can’t believe that just nine years ago, I delivered twins! This was such a surprise to us, that weeks after finding out we were having twins, we still couldn’t believe it.

Surreal was the fact that two babies were growing inside of me. We were still very young and the thought of having two babies was overwhelming at times.

I remember going to an ultrasound appointment alone, because my husband had to work. I laid on the bed for what seemed like hours, when I finally said, “I don’t mean to be rude, but why is this appointment taking so long?”

The nurse looked kindly at me, “I’m sorry, I should have told you, but I was trying to be sure. I am trying to capture the heartbeat of the other baby!”

My whole body stiffened up. Gone was the image of me holding one baby and rocking it to sleep and gone was the idea that this was going to be easy!

I could not wait to show Ryan the ultrasound.

As soon as I was done with my appointment, I headed to his job.

On his break, I he came out to meet me in the car. I was still in total SHOCK. I was literally shaking when I pulled out the ultrasound and told him to look.

He peered at the black and white photo and said, “What am I looking at?”

I slowly showed him one baby, then asked, “Do you see that circle right there?” “Yes, what is it?”

“That my dear, is another baby!”

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The expression he made was priceless. I will never forget that look. Total shock and excitement all at once.

In fact, we were so excited, we could not wait to tell our family. Well…his family. The first person he called was his mom, of course!

I told that one of my girls were a boy. Thus, we started to plan a baby shower for a girl and a boy. But when I took ill, and was hospitalized, the baby shower had to be canceled. Thank God!

Three months later, of living in the hospital, they were born. Two girls, beautiful, and strong.

It has been a long road since then. But God has been gracious to us, so faithful. Bringing those tiny little babies’ home was one of the best days of our life. Everything seemed to be worth it after that.

These girls truly are our miracle babies.

They are Gods gift to a weary soul, that’s my take.

Every day, they make me happy to be their mom, and I am proud to call them daughters.

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