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We have had so many parties in just one month!

It was all very fun, but it did a working on the house. Literally, I just could not keep up with the home maintenance, parties, working, and homeschooling.

It was completely overwhelming, so to get by, I did the bare minimum.

I don’t regret the experience.

In starting back work (online), after a very long break, I have come to terms with the fact that my house will not be as “perfect” as I used to make it.

My sense of perfect is washed dishes, clean floors, bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry. All the things I get help with. Thank you Jesus.

I also have learned the to divide my work load in half. Trying not to put off for tomorrow what I can do today, living our families 80-20 rule.

That’s 80% of the work done and 20% left over.

I like to keep track of what’s left over too. If the same thing continues to be left unattended, well, lets just say, things will get pretty sticky.

So, in this video, we really get busy. I printed out my cleaning schedule, which I have available as an printable for you as well too.

Then, we wrote in anything that had priority. If you prioritize your tasks, you will find that you really did accomplish much of your work.

No matter how the week goes, I must meal prep. So we end with you guys getting in the kitchen with me, making two of my favorite meal prepping recipes. Yes! #mealprep

As soon as I am able to get the recipes on paper, I will post them to my blog, so you can join in with me. So be on the lookout! Most times, I tend to lean towards things my family enjoys, and oftentimes a lovely cooking escapade goes down hill, when my little ones refuse to eat my food.

How many times have I worked up a sweat making my awesome meatball dish, only to hear, “Mom, do I have to get this?” YES!

I really enjoyed doing this video for you. If you like it, give me a thumbs up and will you consider subscribing. Thank you!

I hope you guys have enjoyed our family vlog.

We Love you,



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