Just blame it on quarantine and this whole pandemic mess!

That is what I want to do, but everyone has control over what they do. Unless a mental illness is involved.

So let’s get real, quarantine weight is real. And me sitting down a lot lately has not helped the situation. So I have made major fitness goals and plans.

I’m wondering though, “Am I the ONLY one?” Seriously, I have yet to hear someone else honestly say this has happened to them! LOL.

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Our family is used to spontaneous walks, and touring the mountains for fun. There was a lot of walking involved and we used to go to the park more often than we do.

When the parks were “really” open, we would load the kids bikes in the car and chase them around the entire park until we all got tired.

The girls still love the park, they are just not as enthusiastic to go anymore. All the toys are taped up.

pink leafed trees on green grass field
Photo by Jan Krnc on Pexels.com

When we go to church, I watch them stare longly at the playground, wishing they could just slide one time!

For that reason, we try to avoid the toy area of parks when we go. We try to entice them with bird hunting and where are the squirrels hiding games.

But seriously, you really get the gist of my health plan in the video.

We ended up shopping at Ikea and Dollar Tree. Two of our favorite places, and we brought quite a bit! LOL!

In a way quarantine was good. When we didn’t go out, we saved lots of money, and because we stopped eating out all together, we saved even more. God is GOOD! I can not complain.

I really hope you guys enjoy this video, leave any comments down below.

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