Just as the title implies, today, we are getting it DONE!

I would like to say “EXTREME COOKING” and a bit everything else.

This vlog was fun to create and it really encompasses all aspects of our lives right now.

Everyday has its own to-do list. Isn’t this why Jesus says,

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6:34

How true things rings in our household today. If we thought we were busy before quarantine, it’s no comparison to now.

I think during the whole “pandemic,” we began to learn so many things, that we are still processing in a way.

Are we the only ones?

We study more, research more, read more, write more, and encourage even more than before. These were things that we loved to do, but found no time.

The Lord has blessed us to sit back, encounter His Word more, and pray like nothing else, He also allowed us to find new skills, that we never knew we had.

I’m wondering if you guys too, have developed any new talents during this time, have you went for your dreams, started up a new business? Let us know!

Your emails have been great, and we always aspire to make time to read them all. So don’t think we haven’t heard you.

Sharing our family with you has been so wonderful, and I hope you enjoy this vlog.

With that being said, I mentioned a homeschool raffle, you can find the link here. And all the recipes, if not found now, will be found in a week or so. I will come back to update the post later, with the links to every recipe.

Everything I mentioned, I will link below. Including those stove foil covers.

I also made the announcement that our LIVE INSPIRED videos will be posted in our website, commercial free.

Now you don’t have to watch those crazy YouTube commercials between our videos. We don’t care about the YouTube views when it comes to spreading God’s message. We want you to get the Word undistracted, and we also want other people who will not get to see those on YouTube, to have a chance to be inspired as well.

Our goal: to save lives by spreading the message of Christ, however we can, wherever we are.

So feel free to bless someone by sharing a Live Inspired message of hope, from our site, now commercial free!

Also, if you love our podcast style Today’s Devotions you can sign up to hear them here, when there is a podcast attachment, you can hear it after you login.

I hope you guys have enjoyed our family vlog. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE when visiting us on youtube.

We Love you,


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