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Summer is a time of relaxation, vacationing, exploring, and visiting family.

For most people, this has not been the case.

Covid 19 has greatly impacted the summers of most, including our family.

However, we have been doing everything we can to make this summer memorable for our girls.

We’ve received so many emails asking about our summer routine as a family. This is interesting, but also intriguing because you guys REALLY want to know.

I set out to record and document a simple summer routine. Boy, this was tough! How almost impossible it was to document everything, from waking up to bedtime; but I am so proud of the amount of footage I did get.

Once the girls go to bed, Ryan and I set out, on our venture of Bible study, prayer, and preparation for whatever is next. I didn’t record after they went to bed, because in so many videos, you guys can kind of see what life is like for us at night.

We have our own nightlife! I think most parents with multiple children do. Especially when they are young. One example of that would be my most recent vlog Let’s Get It All Done!

I made an announcement in today’s vlog: we are taking a break from video making until September 3rd 2020. Pretty much a week.

We have decided to take this time off to prepare for school this September, to see family members we have not seen SINCE covid 19, and to just road trip. Going off to explore is something we have always loved to do as a family. We love to pack food, blankets, and coffee; drive off into the unknown. It’s a part of our homeschool life, a part of our family life.

Of course, everything here on the site will be business as normal. Anything besides the blog that we mention on our Welcome, will be done. We were blessed to have plenty of website work done weeks in advance.

For any of you interested, we are currently doing the 40 Day Bible Challenge, during our nighttime devotions. If you want to join is, check it out here, it doesn’t matter when you start, but how you finish! If you are looking for an online church service, I have a recommendation here. Services are also outside style if you find you are close by to that area.

We hope you will enjoy this blog, and we’ll see you this September. We are always praying for you, and we love you guys!

Tell us below what summer has been like for you, and share your summer routines too! We want to know!

I hope you have enjoyed our family vlog. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE when visiting us on youtube.

We Love you,


If you guys are up for the challenge, I challenge you to find at least two scenes where I had to supplement the footage, because I was unable to get everything in one day. If you find it, leave a comment below! You have been challenged! LOL, love you guys!

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