This Bible challenge was presented by Pastor Danny of New Harvest Church.

In a time where families have been brought together in unforeseen ways, it’s time to take advantage of the time God has given us.

Pastor Danny and His wife, because behind every great man, is an even greater wife, presented this challenge on Facebook.

Right away we fell in love with it, and wanted to share this with the world, or as many people as we could.

They have so graciously provided the scriptures for this challenge, and thus renews this post for any family wanting to join in.

We have listed the scriptures below.

You are encouraged to take a chapter presented, and read it with your kids. One tip I will give if you have younger ones, is to focus on a verse for them to learn that day. If you need to take more time analyzing a chapter, try one chapter for two days.

The objective is not to rush through, but to learn and understand with your kids. I do believe the free printable we created can help you with this, as it allows you to outline and grab the focus of the Bible chapter or verse.

It then allows you to meditate on the chapter or scripture.

The focus here, is not to rush. Learn God’s Word, meditate on His Word. This challenge was designed to grow you and your family together in faith in Christ Jesus.

When you study together as a family, you will begin to see the blessings of God on you and your children, as you will be walking in the divine will of God.

It’s not about how you start that’s important, BUT how you finish!

Jim George

Enjoy, and be blessed,


Bible Challenge Chapters:

1. Psalms 91

2. Philippians 4

3. John 15

4. Jeremiah 29

5. James 1

6. Matthew 24

7. Psalms 19

8. Isaiah 40

9. Psalms 133

10. 2 Peter 1

11. John 1

12. Mark 4

13. Matthew 5

14. Deuteronomy 6

15. Luke 1

16. Luke 2

17. Luke 3

18. Luke 4

19. Luke 5

20. Luke 6

21. Luke 7

22. Luke 8

23. Luke 9

24. Luke 10

25. Luke 11

26. Luke 12

27. Luke 13

28. Luke 14

29. Luke 15

30. Luke 16

31. Luke 17

32. Luke 18

33. Luke 19

34. Luke 20

35. Luke 21

36. Luke 22

37. Luke 23

38. Luke 24

39. Ephesians 5

40. Ephesians 6

There is a page with instructions during printing that will be downloaded. You receive a cover page, adult page and a child page. Happy Family Bible studying!

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