Have you ever had a visit from the 3rd generation?

If you are an grandparent, quite possibly.

This visit was a special one to me, mostly because my grandfather means the world to me.

Think of a sweet little old man, sitting in his rocker, waiting for his granddaughter to pull up with her children, his great grandkids.

For much of quarantine, many people had to stop seeing their older loved ones, some even their own children and spouses.

A man kisses his wife's hand, missing her in covid-19 | Randomnestfamily

Pictures from all over the world showed parents separated from kids, husbands from wives, all because of where they had to work.

It has been no different in our family. We have yet to see my parents, and we were blessed to see my grandparents.

Randomnestfamily visiting grandfather.

One thing that touched me the most about this visit, is the look he gave us when we came, and the words that came out of his mouth, “I wish this would all go away.”

My grandfather has always been a people person. He has many grandkids, over twenty to say the least.

This was heart wrenching, but I was able to help him sign up and access our Youtube channel, so that he can see our whole family weekly, until we come back. I was able to leave a little piece of us with him, giving him a little peace of relief, and comfort.

So join us on our visit, hop in the car, laugh and joke with us. We can’t wait to road trip with you in tow!

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