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I remember the days when me and my sisters used to sleep together, while we shared a bedroom.

It was an amazing time and we always told the best of stories. When our girls opted to stay in the same room, of our new house, I was so excited!

So today, we are sharing with you a motivational yet affordable, bedroom update.

This update took us about two full days in total, we had to break it up into sections in order to comply with our work schedules.

One of the most beneficial things of having your girls or boys share a room, is the mirroring effect.

This can either be good or bad, but you as the parent have to make that call. if there is constant fighting and nagging, well, you might not want them to share, for your sanity.

Randomnestfamilyorg Girls Painting a Board | Randomnestfamily
Faith paints a board

However, my girls get along well, there is still the occasional hiccup, but we instruct them to settle the issues in a sisterly fashion, that does not include yelling and screaming.

How do you deal with, or have dealt with sibling struggles?

In our previous vlog, A Day In Our Summer Life, you were able to steal glances of our almost finished process. So this is just the full procedure.

When we went to Ikea back in June’s vlog called Fitness Goals and Shopping, that’s when we went to Ikea to purchase those shelves you saw us painting.

Below, I have some items that we used to update the girls room, if you are interested in any of them, you can click and buy.

Randomnestfamily Kristen Builds and Ikea Shelf with Dad | Randomnestfamily
Kristen builds a shelf

Of course any items purchased from our site might give us a little commission, and that goes towards our homeschool. Thank you in advanced.

If you liked our DIY project bow hanger, I will also leave you some inspiration down below. Now, if you decide to make this, please share a picture with us via email, we would love to post it!

Randomnestfamilyorg Diy of a Pink and Bow Hanger from Amazon | Randomnestfamily
Comparison of my DIY

I hope you guys have enjoyed our family vlog. Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE when visiting us on youtube.

We Love you,


VLOG Inspiration:

Closet decals:

We used pretty flowers and butterflies!

Bed Canopies:

Fairy lights:

Bow Hanger: DIY

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