The month of September started very slow for us because we literally had a lot to do. “Falling” back into school, means that we literally fell back into school.

I usually encourage many homeschool parents to take it slow when their kids have not done much over the summer. This way, the kids are not overwhelmed with all the sudden school work. girls first day of school

In this vlog, we didn’t hold back! The kids were so excited to go back to school, they were so excited to use their new pencil boxes and open their school books; there was no way we could not take a nose dive in. Not to mention, there was also the excitement of having homeschool with their cousin this year, a new homeschooler Mili! Welcome!

So here we go, falling back into school!

We hope you enjoy this family vlog!

Thanks for watching!

Soon we will be moving to a new channel and will keep you updated so that you can subscribe there. As of now, per what was spoken in the video, the move is in transit!

We pray that you have a blessed day, see you in our next video!



I have also put together an inspirational playlist for you, combat anxiety and depression with these awesome videos from us, and New Harvest Church:

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