If you need to meal prep, or if you have a huge party to cater to, this recipe is for you!

Stuffed Burrito pie is famous in our household, because it has EVERYTHING, everyone likes, in one dish.

It all came about one day, when everyone requested burritos for dinner. When prompted about me making something else, like my famous lasagna, they all declined. They ONLY wanted burritoes.

Standing in the kitchen rolling burritos was not my idea of fun, so I thought to myself, “What if I made it as I would my lasagna!”

Thus, this dish was birthed. And it is even faster if you already have cooked meat.

This pairs well with my:

Homemade sourcream, Randomnestfamily
Homemade refried in a bowl on
Homemade tortillas on a plate at Randomnestfamily

Let’s get started

I hope you enjoyed this recipe. See more down below.

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