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There are many sites that will tell you to file a PSA, and where to file it. The one thing I have found lacking, are the instructions on how to file the PSA. Step-by-step instructions taking you through the process, without all the school code talk.

The California Department of Education’s website can come off as very confusing, and time consuming reading through all the codes.

While this must be looked at eventually, let’s just get the PSA or Private School Affidavit, filed so you can start homeschooling your kids, and finding your plan.

If you are confused about the differences between a PSA and a PSP, See this post on The Difference between PSA and PSP.

In California, the PSA for the current year is posted on the California Department of Education’s website.

Let’s begin with the step-by-step instructions.

The year 2020, has been a bit crazy, but nothing should drastically affect homeschool families or even PSP (Private School Satellite Programs), from filing the PSA this year.

According to the California Department of Education’s website, PSA’s for existing private schools and new schools are to be completed and filed between October 1 and October 15 each year.

Newer private schools that start up later in the school year can complete the affidavit and file it when they start up.

California law requires that you file the PSA with the California Department of Education in order for your children, who are enrolled in your private school at home, to be exempt from attending a public school.

Are you enrolled in a PSP? Your school has already filed.

You will need a working printer to print your confirmation page.

If you do not have access to a printer or the internet, you might need to file a statement of lieu. Try to get access to an internet connection and a printer at your local library, or through a friend, to avoid this.

The only information required to be reported on your affidavit are the items only mentioned in Education Code §33190.

Filing your PSA

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I hope this has helped you get through the process a little easier.

This is one of my most asked questions during an homeschool consultation, and I wanted to provide this information on site for our members.

For questions, feel free to email us.



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