The state of our society has really played a part in the everyday stresses of our daily lives.

We NEVER watch mainstream news, or grab our resources from “untrusted” sources.

We’ve witnessed the media all over the world pushing election results as true, when indeed they are false or merely “projected.”

Christmas can’t come soon enough!

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE thanksgiving. A time to celebrate with your family all the blessings God has bestowed on us this year.

And God has done some AMAZING things.

Christmas, just means to us a great time to rejoice since this day represents Christ coming to earth.

It’s also our favorite time to decorate and celebrate, out of any holiday of the year, that is of course until Easter.

This year, we decided to take it easy with Christmas decoration. This is our minimalistic Christmas year, and we love it!

It feels so much better to not have to worry about a whole bunch of knick knacks and items. I think that after this crazy year, we have realized that less is more, God is awesome, His grace is sufficient, and now more than ever, only what we do for Christ will last!

Simple is better

Simple is just plain better.

I don’t know why we never thought of this before, but God has been doing somethings in our lives, and a prayer of ours is that, the Lord will bless us in such a way, that we can give more than we get.

Gone are the days where I feel the need to just shop and buy “stuff.”

Now, I plan in a new minimalistic way. What do we need right now that we can also use later?

When shopping for clothes, we try to buy seasonal items. Sort of like a capsule wardrobe.

Staple items we can layer and rewear in many different ways, no matter where we are. So if I can’t wear my sweater to church, or on a date night with my husband, I will not buy it. Even workout wear is versatile!

Keep it Simple and give yourself GRACE and EMBRACE Simplicity

I hope this vlog has inspired you!



In this vlog, I made:

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