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Brick Kiln Fundraiser

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$166 out of 3,500 We can do it, but we need your help! Please Make a Donation today!

Partnering for a NEED!

Randomnestfamily is partnering with our Pakistan Christian family to help spread the love of Jesus and educate the poor area of the Brick Kiln. There are many children there who do not know what an education is and never heard of the love of Jesus Christ that saves.


Brick Kiln Fundraiser

We need your help to to raise money for a primary education center for grades pre-k to 5th. Alone, we cannot do anything, but with Jesus Christ, we can make this happen!
There is a price break down for the items needed below. If you able to donate even a little, we believe God will increase every bit!
If you can take over a needed item below, please do! We are living in days, where the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached to the ends of the earth. This is YOUR opportunity to be a missionary from right where you are.

Are You Ready?

Will you help administer education and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, to Pakistan Children?

Join us today!
Here are the details:

There will be a total of almost 100 students you will be helping!

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Matthew 25:40 NIV
Brick Kiln in Pakistan
  • School building $800 USD
  • School bags $400 USD
  • Books & Copies $800 USD
  • Stationary $500 USD
  • Teacher’s salaries per month $800USD
  • Set-up cost 200 USD

total cost: $3500 USD


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Please share this fundraiser if you can do nothing else.

God bless you!

All fundraiser funds go to Lahore Praise & Worship Center Pakistan to Pastor Kashif and his wife Pastor Shumaila Kashif.
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