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Do not give up!

There will be nights where you are so tired, you might feel as if you can’t do it. PRESS! Change your mindset, even if you have to pick a verse from the Bible chapter and read it to your child. Don’t cheat them or yourselves. Talk about it to get the meaning, then proceed to your night. There will be days where you feel, “this just won’t fit our schedules.”


What if our prayers didn’t fit Gods schedule? There were times when we had to hold Bible studies in our car because we had to leave early, or on our way home, because it was too late.

Finally -TIPS

*Ages 2-5yrs

While you read the Bible to them, give them a notebook to “draw what they hear.” Let them tell you what it is. Listen – Praise – explain if necessary.

*Ages 4+ Always have a question. Whatever you study, ask your child a question, questions help them and you understand the text.

Say, “listen because after, I will ask you a question.” Don’t be afraid of hard answers. Give Bible study stickers that add up to a prize at the months end. -You got this!

Weeping may endure for a night,

But joy comes in the morning.

Psalms 30

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