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a Phone Intervention

I was having devotion with my girls this morning, when right in the middle of prayer, I get this call from a weird number.

I never and hardly ever, answer the phone during prayer, yet alone from a number like this.

It was one of those numbers you go back and block.

But, for some reason, I felt compelled to answer my phone. I do not know why. I looked at it, and just picked up.

The Feeling

I received a robotic voice after about 3 seconds telling me that some issue, that has to do with my social security card, needs fixing or I would go to jail, IF I didn’t pay up. Laughing, I decided to wait and listen for the next step. Why? I really don’t know, I just felt like humoring the person on the other end.

Pressing 1, a voice that sounded “staticky” told me he was the “social security police.”

Out of nowhere, I suddenly felt empathy towards this man, God put it inside of me to witness to him. I began to tell him about Jesus, and how much He loves him, that he did not have to be a criminal, he had a choice, that God can help deliver him out of his prison. He did not hang up!


That surprised me, so I kept going. He began to say amen over and over, and nearly cried.

I then told him, “I don’t know who you are or your name, and that’s okay. You called me during my families devotion time, and God had something for you. We will be praying for you. God bless you brother.”

He was choked up and I ended up hanging up from there.

I said God, Lord, You know EXACTLY what You are doing all the time! God will send them to You, but we must be ready to share the message of Jesus Christ,  in season and out. You will NEVER be prepared, but His Word tells us not to worry about that, God will give us the words we need, when the time comes. And boy, He sure did.

My girls felt led to sing this song after my conversation, being just as excited as I was to be used by the Lord at the “spur of a moment.”

Be blessed today!

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