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The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; Fools despise wisdom and instruction.” (Proverbs 1:7)

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“What was that?”

Sometimes, it might ALWAYS seem like it’s the wrong time to Bible study.

With your Children, that is. Kids and teens alike!


If you make it first thing in the morning, they are too tired. If it’s too late in the evening, they are too sleepy, to do anything at all.

Teens tend to complain that they want to do something else, or have something else planned.

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Make a flexible, yet mandatory schedule!

It cannot be stressed enough, the importance of getting together as a family and figuring out when you can all come together, to Bible Study. Especially for teens. All Children like a good schedule.

Plan It!

Set a time, and a place. Limit any and all distractions, turn down cell phones and put computers to sleep. Nothing matters as much as God’s Word.

Instill this into your children and watch them teach it back to you someday!

My Girls often try to get into a project just right before Bible Study. Since we already limit television, that’s not a problem. Projects are!

So one thing we have learned to do, is monitor the time better.

We often do Bible Study after breakfast, right before class, and after dinner, an hour before bed.

Plan Your Bible Study, Clock on Wall
Manage your time in devotion!

A rule is: Don’t start any projects before breakfast or after dinner, besides your chores.

In this way, we escape the attitudes, and discipline. We can get right into our Bible study with willing and eager minds.

There has been times that this didn’t work. We got preoccupied or distracted and things happened.

That’s when you do what needs to be done, and get to work.


Bible study is important, especially with your family. Make it a new family norm, I don’t care how old your kids are.

Don’t let circumstances get you down.

You can and will be able to do this!

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