This is why we need to keep our kids and teens in prayer!

In this video, Donna Martin with Girl Truth was praying and supplicating, for a teen girl desiring to jump off the 10 freeway this morning, as officers and rescue staff tried to talk her out of it.

Click here to view the video, located in our Kids Bible Study Group, in “announcements.”

As we watched her driving past, those who tuned in could do nothing but pray hard. Parents, please cover your kids and your teens in prayer.

Take the time to sit with them and read Gods Word together as a family.

If you have a child or teen that seems lost, lets pray together and intercede on their behalf. All is not lost, only when you quit trying and give up on your child.

For Prayer

Have Bible Study With Your Kids

It’s NEVER too early or too LATE

If you have teen girls and want intimate Bible Study with them, Girl Truth can take you even further, as it strictly deals with teen girls and gives you an entire community. Try it out.

Contact me or Donna Martin for more information.

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