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“The Labor of Peacemaking”

Peacemaking is not always easy…

How To Be Sure of God’s Will

What is God’s will?

“Living Above Your Circumstances”

Being content!

Preparation for Praise

A spiritual checkup!

“Fully Alive”

What does it really mean to be “Fully Alive”?

Dr. Charles Stanley Tuesdays

Thinking Our Way to Success!

Dr. Charles Stanley Tuesdays

“Not by might…”

“Overcoming Obstacles”


Dr. Charles Stanley Tuesdays | “The Path to Success”

What is true success? In order to be successful in this life we have to change our thinking. Join Dr. Charles Stanley as we pinpoint the path to success! We hope this video INSPIRED you. Every Sunday, there is an Inspiration message just for you! Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE when visiting us on youtube. We Love you, Randomnestfamily

“Responding To Tough Times”

Understanding how to respond to difficulty is a key principle in Christianity.

“God is Able” | Dr. Charles Stanley Tuesdays

Do you believe that God can do anything?

“God’s Plans and Our Prayers”

Understand how prayer works and why it’s important.

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