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They Just Don’t Know: Our Intercessory Prayer #2

The importance of intercessory prayer…

+ Beatiful mountain hills, above lush green grass: The Just Don't Know: Intercessory prayer

They Just Don’t Know: Our Intercessory Prayer #1

Even when wickedness is all around us, there is still HOPE!


How Should We Wait

Waiting for anything can be hard; how should we wait?


The 38 year Infirmity

Do You Want To Be Healed?


Daily Sacrifice

We should ALL do this Daily!


After God’s Heart

Lets Evaluate Our Self!

“It is Not God’s Will to Punish America”

Can the America turn around?

“Our Enemies Will be put to Shame!”

God gives our enemies no peace…


When the wolf lurks around the corner

+ news typewritten on white paper

God Is in Control

His control NEVER ceases.

Stop Faking, God Knows!

Dialogue for the Church!

This is Love

Are you searching for love? Have you lost love? Do you know what love is?

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