Charles Stanley Tuesdays

Reaching more people with God’s Word!

Do You Still Agree?

Do you still agree with the promises of God?


What Am I Doing?

Was this supposed to happen?
When will we get back to normal?


What is Truth?

The world is full of false truths…

I Am Not The Best Father

This family structure that God has established, begins to fall apart…


Eye Of The Storm

Keeping my faith in the battlefield!

Breakfast and The Ascension

“Did Jesus really have breakfast with His disciples?” “Why didn’t Eve Listen?”


The Battle Isn’t Yours -Our Secret Army

When The Battle Seems Too Big

Does Evil Disprove God? Part 2

Evil vs. God!


In Your Freedom

O the Freedoms We Have! Lets Read.

Does EVIL Disprove God?

Does the existence of evil actually prove that God doesn’t exist?

How Do YOU Know? | God Exist

The evidence for God is overwhelming!

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