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Reaching The World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Matthew 28:18-20, NIV

This wonderful place happen to send us a thank you video, all the way from Kampala Uganda, and we wanted to share with you. Help us by making a donation today, any amount can help us spread the gospel, give donations to others and send Bibles to new believers who accept Christ.

Giving To Pakistan

For they that have used the office of a deacon well purchase to themselves a good degree, and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus..(Timothy 3:13) Doing the work of God’s kingdom is a great work and we are both very happy God is using us in the work of His kingdom we are moving forward and God is with us and holy spirit guides us. We are grateful to our dear Brother Ryan Moore and our dear Sister Tasha Moore .who always serve with us and are doing the work of God’s kingdom in Pakistan.Pastor kashif William and Pastor Shumaila kashif from Lahore Pakistan

giving Urdo Bibles to Christians
Pastor William and his beautiful wife.
Donate to Pakistan image.
Kids Bible Study In Pakistan
Kids Bible Study in Pakistan. Your donations help support this ministry!

We are not alone in helping others with your donations!

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Supports our Christian ministry!

Your donation allows us to help people all over the world. It is our greatest pleasure at to reach out and bless others with the gospel and if possible, donations. These donations make a huge impact in lives all over.

When you donate, your hard earned money goes to work with ours and we can use those funds to reach people all over the world.

Our mission supports you and your family too, through homeschool, devotional inspirations and family Bible study, salvations, and fellowship.

Your donation allows us to get the gospel out to the world through advertising on various platforms, Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. It helps us reach and discover those places that really need help and to make donations to places that can use Biblical resources, Bibles, paper, pencils, etc.

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Thanks to your giving, we have been blessed to witness many people coming to Christ all over the world and being inspired to read their Bibles. Your support has helped us spread the Word in their country, by allowing us to focus devotionals in those areas, encouraging prayer, Family Bible Study, and fellowship. Your donation has helped us purchase and give new believers a Bible!

Thank you.

Your donations allows us to donate to other Christian organizations who share the same mission as Randomnestfamily, helping us to reach and do more! i.e. The 700 Club, as well as Operation Blessing and many others!

Your donations also helps us create more exclusive content, while covering yearly domain and server charges. Donate now.

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Similarly, when you purchase through one of our affiliate links, like Amazon or, you are also helping in the same way. We might get a small commission with link purchases, up to 10%. Thank You!

We are dedicated to standing on God’s Complete and sound doctrine.

We thank you for your purchase or donation, and we pray that the Lord will bless you a 100x over!

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God knows how to take a little and make it a lot. Matthew 14:13-21

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