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Parents who are homeschooling in California, I just wanted to let you in on some not so good news about our charter schools. I have contacted the HSLDA requesting a lawyer appointment on giving me a brief on this bill. Here:
It is long and pretty overwhelming, and just like everything else in politics, they have added extras.
So while I wait for that information, here is some information I found that could help Californians.
In California we can file a PSA (Private School Affidavit); Information I have mentioned in a "Homeschool Options" Tutorial I had done, for those families who saw saw that.
Parents can establish a private school based in their home by filing a California homeschool affidavit. This can be filed with the California Department of Education (CDE) on their website from October 1 to October 15.
See here:
It must be filed every year that you plan to continue homeschooling as a private school entity, so write down in your yearly homeschool goals.

You have to create a name for your homeschool and keep records. See HSLDA, for CA.
Once this is done, you will find that we Californians have an exceptional amount of freedom.
* Immunization Records and Waivers
*No reporting requirements for curriculum or grades (although I would do this anyways in my record keeping. You NEVER know.)

*No annual testing and you choose your own curriculum.

Here is some research I got from:
It designates what we must maintain in our records, and what to do.
Even though the HSLDA specifies minimum requirements for California, I HIGHLY and strongly RECOMMEND that you keep all records of anything extra. All books, curriculum, field trips etc.
I mentioned in a tutorial about having a 2tb drive found here:
And keeping accurate records comes in handy when it is time to prepare your homeschooled high schooler’s transcript.
Here are instructions on completing the PSA:

Any family homeschool under an umbrella school, need not worry about this. Refer to your PSP for more details.

What is a PSA?
How the Private School Affidavit Works

The affidavit does not license, evaluate, recognize, approve of, or endorse a private school. The State of California accredits neither public nor private schools. The affidavit itself is a statistical tool, and necessary to effect the pupil’s exemption from compulsory public school enrollment and attendance. By filing an affidavit you are showing intent to establish a private school, and informing the state, as required by law. Parents have been legally using this provision for many years to conduct their own home-based private schools.

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