No Family Should Ever Feel Overwhelmed while Homeschooling!

We have been homeschooling for seven years now, and we know how it can be when you first start out.

“Am I capable or qualified for this?” “Where do I start?” “What do I need to teach?” ” Where can I find support?” “How does this work?” “Is this NORMAL?”

So many questions, and not many people to answer them!

I was over-homeschooling. For a long time, I thought homeschooling only had to be one way.

That’s not so!

Our first year went so well, we were so happy, but soon, we started to feel burned out.

I found it a struggle to homeschool, prepare dinner, and do any kind of home-making, let alone take care of myself.

I hated being a slave to curriculum, and feeling as if I failed because we didn’t get through an entire book.

After that year, I was determined to find new ways, and I have!

Now, I enjoy new ways to work and teach, taking away the slave to school mentality and let my kids fall in love with education.

I am not an expert, but here at, I come alongside you as an experienced friend and homeschooler, to share with you all what we have learned: our ups and downs, and to share the tools I’ve created to help you become more CONFIDENT, RELAXED, and KNOWLEDGEABLE, about everything homeschool.

This is why I started my homeschool 101 series.

You really don’t need a consultation once you watch my tutorials, they are everything you need to know. But if you decide that you would like a one-on-one session, click the picture below.

Giving You every resource as your homeschool friends!

We believe in today’s society, homeschooling is the only way to go if you want to keep your children safe mentally, physically, and emotionally.

We want to help any way we can.

Your purchase of these videos support our homeschool and those we share with.

Feel free to email me on the form below with any questions you might have.

Together, we CAN make homeschooling great. The options are limitless!

Homeschooling is a learning process for the entire family.

Don’t let homeschooling your kids intimidate you.

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Know how To Start:


In this video, I take you around my classroom, come hang out with me, I can’t wait to show you around! xoxo


This video is ALL about homeschool. So if you want to homeschool, need to homeschool, or just want more education on homeschool, look no further!

Homeschool 101 Tutorials

No Family Should Ever Feel Overwhelmed while Homeschooling!

We are offering homeschool 101 tutorials to help moms and dads, even grandparents who take on the homeschool teacher role.

Tutorials Available:

You will learn:

  • How to homeschool effectively without burnout
  • How to join and how the HSDLA works
  • Different homeschool options
  • Different Educational approaches
  • Time management
    • and much more!


To Help them focus


Getting the lessons done with time management and planning.


So they can be creative, and not just settle into one boring routine.

Homeschool Blogs

We have NEW and FREE planner printables for you!

There are six to choose from, and they were exclusively made for you guys. I have BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT colors for us mommys, and our dads out there, my husband designed a very vibrant easy flowing schedule for you too!

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Purchasing our tutorials and buying from our Amazon Store gets us commission which helps support our homeschool, and helps us to spill it over to another homeschool family in need!

Thank You for your support!

Shop our Amazon store for all of our favorite homeschool and home items: notebooks and planners, shoes, clothes, and household items!

We’ve put it all here just for you!

We Love you Guys!


Homeschool Family Vlogs We Thought You Would Enjoy!


Our Family Motto: Joshua 24:15 But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”

Our family believes that Jesus lived, died, was resurrected and that He is soon to return!
1 Corinthians 15:3-8, John 3:16, John 14:1-4

Ryan is a homeschool dad of 4 who teaches math and science. He loves to be in the kitchen, doing all things dad, and inspiring people through God’s Word.

Tasha is a homeschool mom of 4, who loves to cook, teach, and help people. For her, it will always be God and family first!

Ryah and Ronnie are twins who have a passion to write (like mommy), and draw. 

Kristen loves to create her own videos, and math is her favorite subject!

Faith loves animals, and desires to buy a “unicorn cat” one day!

We all have created content that will help and inspire you in your faith, and in life. There is no pretending here! We want you to succeed, Jesus is coming soon, and we must be READY!
love, Randomnestfamily 🙂

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