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Our Awesome Prices

Education is more valuable than money…But homeschool doesn’t have to be expensive!

Note: Registration and enrollment prices are per student.

Registration is only $40 per student (non-refundable due at registration).

As of now, we are only enrolling K-8th Grade. We are hoping to add high school on later this year. Please send us an inquiry below if you have a high school student and wish to enroll.

One Student
  • *Covers the entire year of joining Homeschool Randomnestfamily
Each Additional Student
  • *Covers the entire year of joining Homeschool Randomnestfamily
High School Seniors
  • *For Each Senior
  • With exclusive resources to help your seniors succeed.

*Enrollment prices include exclusive resources and the cost of membership. Once your inquiry has been processed, you will be sent an email with more information about the program and payments.

Example: If you have two students that are not seniors, you pay $190+$100 for the additional student. If you have a high school senior, you pay $190 added on to that, for a low price of $480 + registration, for an entire year! Lower than any other PSP out there with our services.

Legal Protection

We can’t stress having legal protection enough! Especially in these times when so many parents have chosen to homeschool their children, opting for a better education.

For this very reason, we can come under attack of the government, and anyone who doesn’t like homeschoolers. Having legal protection will keep you stress free while you do your job. Simply put!

legal protection
Protect yourself…Protect Your family!


HSLDA ( Home School Legal Defense Association (Strongly recommended)

and NCLL ( National Center for Life and Liberty’s Homeschool
Center are nonprofit advocacy organizations established to defend and advance the
constitutional right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children
and to protect family freedoms.
All families who are enrolled in Homeschool Randomnestfamily are required to obtain membership in the HSLDA or NCLL.

Except for those who have children below age 6 and/or who have a child that has
reached 18.

You must renew each year at your renewal date and upload a copy of your
current card or you could be dropped from the program. Membership and annual
renewal fees are paid directly to them.

Student’s enrollment may be terminated if HSLDA or NCLL membership expires and you fail to renew. You need homeschool legal defense. The prices are cheaper than normal lawyer fees who would fight for your rights. We price ourselves so you can afford to get legal protection and homeschool.

All because we love family and homeschool!

How do I apply?

If you have any questions or want to apply, please start by sending us an inquiry below. We will contact you to get started and give you more information.

Some parents desire to homeschool, but don’t have the funds to select their choice of using a PSP. Please consider donating to Homeschool Randomnestfamily Scholarship Fund in support of families with financial need here.

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