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Welcome Parents, come Homeschool with us!

A private school satellite program made simple!

Join California Homeschool Academy PSP, a Private Satellite School Program, located in Southern California that is easy and well put together, for the family that just needs a plan.

Homeschool Record Keeping, Organization and More!

We offer you record keeping for as long as you are with us, which includes:

  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Report Cards
  • Work Sample updates, to make sure you are complying with the state.

We also offer:

We know during these times, many parents have become “accidental homeschoolers,” so we provide you the assistance you need to get started and to keep going afterwards.

Our Homeschool 101 articles and resources, will help you to see that homeschooling is simple. We are here to support you and your family!

We want to help you have an awesome homeschool experience, simple, and easy. All you have to do is teach!

An Homeschool Experience

There will be no screen staring here, or zoning out, this homeschool is all about fun and learning at the same time!

Avoid the difficulties of figuring out where to start and what to teach.

When you join us here, your family becomes a part of our homeschool classroom.

Parents can share experiences in our private Forum, and submit drawings and videos for our Show and Tell, where we can gather to show off our hard work and fun.

We have carefully crafted optional schedules you can follow, helping you stay on tract and resources to help you succeed.

Visit our own virtual library, so you can browse some of our free online books and resources for your very own homeschool! Join in on your computer, tablet, or phone!

We are a Unit Study family! We invite you to join us in our unit studies, you have complete access to our exclusive homeschool articles, printables and downloads, which are always available to you.

We create awesome printables and downloads you can also incorporate into your homeschool, and invite you to share anything you use with other families as well!

We do not provide a mandatory curriculum, nor endorse a specific curriculum, it is also not included in the price of the program. You the parent or teacher can choose to practically homeschool for free, use our unit studies, or access our resources for free curriculum and books! This is all found on the parent login page. We include resources for your preschoolers too, why should they miss out on homeschool.

We offer FREE Zoom and e-mail consultations to get you started on the right track, with exclusive homeschool videos.

We are a faith based entity, however, we are open to all families. Enrolling in our PSP means you agree with or respect our Statement of Faith.

Enrollment Date?

The best thing about homeschooling is that you can start at any time! Want to ditch those crazy textbooks that take forever? Or what about that boring curriculum? No problem, homeschooling is all about starting new, anything that best suits your family.

Any article talking about homeschool on our site, will tell you that you do not have to be a prisoner in homeschool or to any curriculum. The only thing that matters is that your children are learning.

So enroll and start anytime!

We’ll help you get prepared for the next quarter or semester!

Unit Studies?

Thanks for asking!

Unit studies are the easiest ways to teach ALL of your students at once, and we show you how. Check out this article below:

Unit studies can incorporate all your major between subjects, like Bible, history/social studies, and science, even language arts, like our Declaration of Independence for Multilevel Teaching study.

Each unit study allows you to teach your kids in a multileveled way, grades k-12. Taking out the unnecessary individualized teaching of every subject. Who says school needs to be 8 hours?

Once you start, you might not want to go back to anything else.

Do you have younger kids at home? There are articles here encouraging you to let them learn along side your class, and teaching your older kids to work with the younger ones to give YOU a break!

We will provide curriculum options, so you don’t have to search hard, or pay for expensive books. Looking for free math textbooks or math options, writing prompts, language arts? You are in the right place!

Sign up for California Homeschool Academy PSP and be ready to have a fun year! Homeschool isn’t hard, and whether you are new or a veteran, we have something for you. Check out these articles below and homeschool with confidence!

No Fluff!

We have very competitive prices and include family discounts.

We help and organize your files as you compleate our records forms, we also supply you with a compleate homeschool planner. We help you track your dates and plan your year, without the difficult navigation!

We help you get enrolled with the HSLDA or the NCLL, so your rights are protected, no matter what State you enroll from!

How do I apply?

If you have any questions or want to apply, please start by sending us an inquiry below. We will contact you to get started and give you more information.

Some parents desire to homeschool, but don’t have the funds to select their choice of using a PSP. Please consider donating to California Homeschool Academy PSP Scholarship Fund in support of families with financial need here.

Our Awesome Prices

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