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California Homeschool Academy PSP 

Online private school satellite program

Homeschool Record Keeping

One of our main services, so you can focus on the most important things.

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We strive to serve and equip you, the primary educator, to confidently and successfully instruct your child as you take charge of your student’s education.

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Programs & Curriculum

Not only do we help you find the right curriculum, we create our own for you to use freely!

Enjoy our lists or programs and other Homeschool Resources.

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Parent Support

We aim to support you through your whole homeschool journey.

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Priced to serve you!

Our prices are not made to run a full facility. Our prices are made to serve you, the parents.

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About CHA 

California Homeschool Academy PSP, is a distance Private Satellite School Program, located in Southern California that is easy and well put together, for the family that just needs a plan.

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school Staff hours

M-F: 8am – 3:30pm


10650 Reagan St #916

Los Alamitos, CA 90720


Virtual Learning

Virtual learning can happen anywhere, and although we are California based, we are a virtual online PSP.

What does that mean? See our FAQ below:

I don't live in California; can I still benefit from the program?

Yes, it doesn’t matter what program you join, you are still the primary homeschool teacher and administrator of your homeschool.

We help you figure out your options legally, so you can homeschool with confidence! We hold the records required for what you need and consult our lawyers if necessary.

How can I sign my kids up for Private School?

Fill out the form located here  and the PSP Coordinator, Tasha Moore will be in contact with you.

You should expect to hear back within a day or two, somtimes less and she will conduct a formal interview to see if you are a right fit for our program.

If you do not know what a PSP is, please visit this article: The difference between PSP and PSA .


We understand that today many parents are deciding to homeschool their children and give them a great education at home.

We also understand that this is not always easy, it takes a village and support for mom and dad. Thats where we come in.

Visit Homeschool 101 where you will find articles teaching you how to start homeschooling, filing, and many other articles for curriculum, scheduling, set up, and much more!

I have more questions about the site.

If you have general questions about, please visit our Contact Us page for more FAQ.

If you are interested, or want to apply, just click apply now today!

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Enrolled Parents

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Access your accounts and profile.

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Parent Section

 Welcome parents! Visit your personal resource page.

Homeschool Mentor and Consulting Services

Let us mentor and guide you on your homeschool journey, even if you are veteran, we can give you new and fresh ideas! We want to be your local “Homeschool and Mentor Consulting Services.”

Homeschool Newsletter

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What Are Work Samples? How To and Why Collect Them

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school hours

M-F: 8am – 3:30pm


10650 Reagan St #916

Los Alamitos, CA 90720


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