Parent Encouragement

Be encouraged parents!

We want to inspire you to never give up! Now more than ever, we need to bring salvation into our homes.

Do not give up! Even the most stubborness of Kids have a way to learn about Gods Word.

Here, we want to inspire you to seek the best way to teach your child Gods Word, the best thing to do is pray, ask God to help you, but never give up!

The Big Talk

We did a live stream to encourage parents, we want to share this with you!

Be encouraged to pray, and come against the enemy for your family.


Do not give up!

There will be nights where you are so tired, you might feel as if you can’t do it. PRESS! Change your mindset, even if you have to pick a verse from the Bible chapter and read it to your child. Don’t cheat them or yourselves. Talk about it to get the meaning, then proceed to your night.There will be days where you feel, “this just won’t fit our schedules.”


What if our prayers didn’t fit Gods schedule? There were times when we had to hold Bible studies in our car because we had to leave early, or on our way home, because it was too late.

Finally -TIPS

*Ages 2-5yrs

While you read the Bible to them, give them a notebook to “draw what they hear.” Let them tell you what it is. Listen – Praise – explain if necessary.

*Ages 4+ Always have a question. Whatever you study, ask your child a question, questions help them and you understand the text.

Say, “listen because after, I will ask you a question.” Don’t be afraid of hard answers. Give Bible study stickers that add up to a prize at the months end. -You got this!


Before you give up, just like everything in life, you must have patience.

Family Bibles study takes a bit more patience than the norm. You are trying to make it happen, but…good grief!

Lol, I can definitely relate.

Advice: Give yourself GRACE and EMBRACE Simplicity. That’s what these lessons are all about!


Just give me my moment!

As a mom of four girls, there is NEVER a dead moment. Sometimes I may feel as if I haven’t grasped enough time to be alone by myself, to just seek God. I hate to feel as if I have put God on the back burner.

So it is no wonder I schedule everything in. Yes, schedule.

Parents have to have time to seek God on their knees away from their children and any distractions. It is wonderful to pray with the entire family. But make sure that you get the alone time you need with God. Sitting at the feet of Jesus in your quite space.

When you as parents are able to get alone and pray, your family praying together will be tremendous! Encourage your kids to pray on their own as well. Set the stage for them, by allowing them to see your quite space, tell them, when you are here, DO NOT BOTHER ME. Unless its an emergency! LOL.

You can begin to do this by age 6+, for younger kids, keep them entertained with something, while you go pray. Take any time you can. Even if it doesnt last long, you must have it.

Be encouraged today.


Distractions are EVERYWHERE!
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