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Focus On Your Family: Family Bible Study

Created by a real family with a love to study Gods Word together!

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Parenting is a life time job and does not stop when a child grows up, having  family Bible study and prayers can set your child on the right path of LIFE.

Family Bible Study

Welcome parents to our family Bible study page. Created to inspire everyday families to have Bible Study together.

We believe Bible study should be fun when there are kids and teens involved, so we have catered Bible study with activities for all ages, with inspiration from many sources!


Family Bible Study with a FOCUS on family!

We know that family Bible study is different than being at church, or having your children in a Sunday school class or Youth “group.” So the lessons in this curriculum are not catered to be taught in a class setting, but a more intimate family setting. No bells and whistles, just pure Bible study fun!

What's the difference?

The difference is in the way each lesson is created, giving families the freedom to learn together, and not deal with structured “Sunday school” like lessons.

However, if you are a Sunday school teacher, or if you want to incorporate these lessons into your homeschool as Bible class curriculum, our Family Bible studies can be tweaked to be used in your Sunday school/Youth Groups and homeschool too.

See our overview to learn more.

What Bible Versions Do We Use?

We don’t use one particular version of the Bible in our digital lessons. So, you are able to set memory verses from any favorite translation you please. Download a free sample from our shop.

How often are lessons made?

Focus on Your Family: Family Bible Study is an ongoing ministry, headed by our coordinator Tasha Moore and her husband Ryan.

Their aim is to create at least two lessons a month. Each lesson is prayerfully thoughtout and structured for the “family,” so they take time to create.

Not only are lessons created, but curriculum too. This curriculum is created for ages as young as 5 all the way to high school, and the family as a whole!

Are there fees required to do a lesson?

No, most all of our lessons can be done online, with the curriuculum available for download at a reasonable fee.

While some curriculum is given away free, all curriculum is FREE to Family bible Study Members. 100% of the fees is used towards the ongoing ministry costs.

See an overview and lesson structure.

Life Can Get Crazy!

Lives can get crazy, circumstances can arise that seem to push us away from Bible Study with our family.

In a time where our families can become neglected, as we deal with everyday life, we inspire you to plan intimate time out with your family and fellowship in God’s Word, bring SALVATION into your home!
Be encouraged by this fun family friendly curriculum and Bible Study with YOUR family!
See the ever-growing topics below!

When working offline and using the curriculum:

Each family Bible study assignment or download has the complete curriculum plan for that lesson. 

Before starting your bible Study…

Always be consistent in having Bible study with your family. The more you do, the more they look forward to it, the more you grow as a family.

Our kids may be tired, we may be tired; either way, each lesson will be to the point. Yet leaving room for you to expound upon scriptures for days, weeks, or even a month.

These lessons can be done day or night. Whenever your family gets together to study!

Start off small, and then go as the Lord leads you. Don’t always expect things to be perfect. Add effort and allow God to do the rest.

You got this!


Turn off any electronics and distractions as much as possible at least 20-30 minutes before sitting down together.

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The Parable of The Sower

The Parable of The Sower

Can The Parable of The Sower really help us understand more about the Christian faith? Yes!
A complete 5 day study curated just for the family, join in!

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Bible Trivia!

Bible Trivia!

Bible trivia is a fun way to involve your family in bible study. Make it a competition and bring out the game day snacks!

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12 Month Family Bible Study Reading Plan

12 Month Family Bible Study Reading Plan

This 12-month Family bible Study Reading + Memory Verse Writing Plan, is perfect for the family wanting to dive into the Bible one day at a time, one scripture at a time.

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Inspiring You to pray with and for your family! Join us in a family prayer to help stregthen, grow, and protect your family.

Bible Study Assignments, printables & Packs

Each family Bible study assignment or download has the complete curriculum plan for that lesson. 

Follow along offline!

Grab your childrens attention with these easy to do out of the box,  assignments, perfect for family Bible study or class.


five sets of parents, parent encouragement on

Parent Encouragements

Do not give up! Even the most stubbornness of Kids have a way to learn about Gods Word.

Kids and teens recording Bible devotionals

Kids + Teen Devotionals

If your child has a devotion you would like to share with us, send us the link and we will host it on! 

Join The Membership!

Did you know you get ALL the curriculum and assignments FREE???

For the ENTIRE year, including all new Bibles studies, curriculums, and assignments, just by joining the membership.

Our Messeage is simple

“In a time where our families can become neglected, as we deal with everyday life, we inspire you to plan time out with your family and fellowship in God’s Word.”

Focus on Your Family: Family Bible Study

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