Our Family’s Corporate Prayer Lesson

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A strong family united, with this corporate prayer download and Bible Study lesson.


These assignments and lesson plan, go along with the “Focus On The Family: Family Bible Study” as part of the family Bible Study curriculum in Day 5 of lesson 6.

Each family Bible study assignment or Download has the complete Curriculum plan for that lesson.

Also has family discussion topics and the weeks readings for the lesson.

We must show our love to each other first, that also includes loving the people we strongly detest.

See picture previews.

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1 review for Our Family’s Corporate Prayer Lesson

  1. Maruo H.

    This has saved our lives.
    I will try not to be so dramatic, but the entire lesson has been a blessing to my family.
    We were struggling and had NO time for Bible study, but we have been encouraged and refreshed with the entire Bible study on family.
    Thank you for taking the time to create these lessons and have them so cheap.
    You just don’t get this anywhere else.

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