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Hello Parents and Teachers!

This unit study planning book was designed with you in mind, made to be used “interactively,” if you decided not to print it.

Based off how I plan my very own unit studies, I wanted just the basics, and organization. So by making these interactive, I can be organized and so can you!

This planner allows you to list everything for the entire unit, then weekly or monthly. I also included a notes section, because who doesn’t need more writing space, right!?

This planner looks good in color, black and white, or gray scale.

The pages are marginalized at 0.5, to be printed back and front, so that you can easily hole punch and add them to a binder, or use page protectors!

Print out your cover page, your unit planning pages and then print out a week-by-week (or month-by-month) for the parts of the unit you will cover.

(follow your printer’s direction for back-to-front printing!)

Every week–by-week (or month-by-month) allows you to list what parts of the unit you will be covering. Some teachers like to just cover a certain area or subject at one time.

There is additional space to list what is not covered and what you will be supplementing.

For example: if language arts, history, and spelling is covered that day, or week, you want to list what other materials, you want to use, if any, to cover the missing subjects.

Each page can be printed as many times as you would like to build up your Unit Study Planning Book. If you are using this book interactively, feel free to copy the book and resave it with the name of your unit study.  That means having a master copy, and making copies from it. In this way, all of your unit studies will be organized on your files.

If you have questions or need help, feel free to contact us!

These help with homeschoolers who are also Notebooking and Journaling!


1 review for Unit Study Planning Book

  1. Christine

    These were so beautiful! Thank you, and I loved that you made them interactive for those of us that don’t like to print, but stay organized online.

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