United States Study: Lets Study The States


Studying the United States of America has never been more fun!

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Studying the United States of America is a great way for children to learn about all the states.

Here they are able to branch off into the other states and how they came about.

***You can also use these to introduce the 13 Colonies, because they are states too, then your children/ students can branch off into ALL the states.

For grades 3 and up, this research printable is made to be hole punched along the top margin and inserted into a three prong binder or folder.

The folder will keep all your children’s information in one place, and they can even create a state study book to reflect on in later studies!

The printable has the state research on one side and the city (or state capital) research from that state on the back.

Who needs unnecessary questions and tons of paper to study the United States of America? This printable takes away unnecessary information and saves you tons of paper, one sheet per state, or one sheet per two states if you opt out of your child choosing a city within the state to research.

These were made to be conveniently flexible for your homeschool or classroom needs.



**Free for any paid homeschool membership

Do you have a younger child? Try this “My State Printable,” so they can work with their siblings!

My State an me printable @randomnestfamily


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