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California Homeschool Academy PSP

Online Private Satellite School Program


California Homeschool Academy PSP, is a distance Private Satellite School Program, located in Southern California

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Our prices are not made to run a full facility. Our prices are made to serve you, the parents.

We have very competitive prices and include family discounts.

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We strive to serve and equip you, the primary educator, to confidently and successfully instruct your child as you take charge of your student’s education.

Parent Support

We aim to support you through your whole homeschool journey.

A private school satellite program made simple!

California Homeschool Academy PSP, is a distance Private Satellite School Program, located in Southern California that is easy and well put together, for the family that just needs a plan.

Homeschool Record Keeping, Organization and More!

We offer your family homeschool record-keeping support and resources, which includes:

One of our main services, so you can focus on the most important things!

  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Report Cards
  • portfolio updates, to make sure you are complying with the state.
  • Filing of private school affidavit, cumulative-file requests and maintenance, and all other required paperwork
  • Resources and outside resources to help support you the parent in your homeschooling journey

We also offer:

All aimed to help you, the parent and teacher, SUCCEED!

Join and enjoy everything else we offer.

We know during these times, many parents have become “accidental homeschoolers,” we provide you the assistance you need to get started and to keep going afterwards.

Our Homeschool 101 articles and resources, will help you to see that homeschooling is simple. We are here to support you and your family!

The Homeschool Experience

Avoid the difficulties of figuring out where to start and what to teach.

Not only do we help you find the right curriculum, we create our own for you to use freely!

Enjoy our lists or programs and other Homeschool Resources.

When you join, we serve you and your students with all the essentials needed to customize your own homeschool. Your child receives an individualized education, that will help equip them spiritually, emotionally, academically and more!

Parents are supported through the entire homeschool process and can share experiences in our private forum, where you are encouraged to show off your students work or drawings and videos for show and tell. We support you with homeschool consultations to get you started and throughout the year, we also provide affordable fees.

We have carefully crafted optional schedules you can follow, helping you stay on tract and resources to help you succeed, and meet the needs of all your students.

Visit our own virtual library, so you can browse some of our free online books and resources for your very own homeschool!

You have complete access to our Homeschool Shop curriculum,  exclusive homeschool articles, printables and downloads, which are always available to you, plus resources that are custom to fit a wide range of students and interest, all free when joining.

We do not provide a mandatory curriculum, nor endorse a specific curriculum, it is also not included in the price of the program. You the parent/teacher can choose to practically homeschool for free, use unit studies, pick a curriculum, or access our resources for free curriculum and books. There are resources for your preschoolers too, why should they miss out on homeschool!

We offer FREE Zoom and e-mail consultations to get you started on the right track, with exclusive homeschool resources for high school students: help with their four year plan, credicts, transcripts, graduation requirements, diplomas, caps and gown,  to name a few.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Enrollment Date?

The best thing about homeschooling is that you can start at any time! Want to ditch those crazy textbooks that take forever? Or what about that boring curriculum? No problem, homeschooling is all about starting new, anything that best suits your family.

 You do not have to be a prisoner in homeschool or to any curriculum. The only thing that matters is that your children are learning.

Enroll and start!

We’ll help you get prepared for the next quarter or semester!

I don't live in California; can I still benefit from the program?

Yes, it doesn’t matter what program you join, you are still the primary homeschool teacher and administrator of your homeschool.

We help you figure out your options legally, so you can homeschool with confidence! We hold the records required for what you need and consult our lawyers if necessary.

Is it Faith Based?

We are a faith based entity, however, we are open to all families. Enrolling in our PSP means you agree with or respect our Statement of Faith.

How can I sign my kids up for Private School?

Fill out the form located here  and the PSP Coordinator, Tasha Moore will be in contact with you.

You should expect to hear back within a day or two, somtimes less and she will conduct a formal interview to see if you are a right fit for our program.

If you do not know what a PSP is, please visit this article: The difference between PSP and PSA .


We understand that today many parents are deciding to homeschool their children and give them a great education at home.

We also understand that this is not always easy, it takes a village and support for mom and dad. Thats where we come in.

Visit Homeschool 101 where you will find articles teaching you how to start homeschooling, filing, and many other articles for curriculum, scheduling, set up, and much more!

Do you offer classes?

While we do not offer classes yet, it may be somthing we will add in the future. 

We do offer Co-Op like activities online, such as Story Time Day, and Craft Day, etc. These are added to our calenedar of events as staff or volunteers arise.

If You Have Preschoolers...

Do you have younger kids at home?

Read articles encouraging you to let them learn along with your other students, teaching your older kids to work with the younger ones to give YOU a break!

If you are pregnant or have an infant at home, we got you covered, with articles on how to homeschool during that season.

We Support YOU!

Our aim is to support and educate, you the parents on topics relevant to education, homeschooling, college preparation, and more.

We will provide curriculum options, so you don’t have to search hard, or pay for expensive books.

Sign up for California Homeschool Academy PSP and be ready to have a fun year!

Homeschool isn’t hard, and whether you are new or a veteran, we have something for you!

I Have More Questions.

If you have general questions about, please visit our Contact Us page for more FAQ.

Supporting Your Homeschool Rights!

We help you get enrolled with the HSLDA or the NCLL, so your rights to homeschool are protected.

We can’t stress having legal protection enough! Especially in these times when so many parents have chosen to homeschool their children, opting for a better education.

For this very reason, we can come under attack of the government, and anyone who doesn’t like homeschoolers. Having legal protection will keep you stress free while you do your job. Simply put!

Legal Resources

HSLDA ( Home School Legal Defense Association (Strongly recommended)

and NCLL ( National Center for Life and Liberty’s Homeschool
Center are nonprofit advocacy organizations established to defend and advance the
constitutional right of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children
and to protect family freedoms.
All families who are enrolled in California Homeschool Academy PSPare required to obtain membership in the HSLDA or NCLL.

Except for those who have children below age 6 and/or who have a child that has
reached 18.

You must renew each year at your renewal date and upload a copy of your
current card or you could be dropped from the program. Membership and annual
renewal fees are paid directly to them.

Student’s enrollment may be terminated if HSLDA or NCLL membership expires and you fail to renew. You need homeschool legal defense. Their prices are cheaper than normal lawyer fees. We price ourselves so you can afford to get legal protection and homeschool.

All because we love family and homeschool!

We help you homeschool with CONFIDENCE!

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How do I apply?

If you have any questions or want to apply, please start by sending us an inquiry. Fill out the form below.

Which best describes you? Choose the best option, you can leave more details in the message section. *

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The PSP has helped me be able to teach my kids and get the support that I need. I wanted to write this review for other dads like me that have to choose to homeschool instead. There is help out there, people who are not trying to drain you for every penny. I just wanted […]

California Homeschool Academy PSP

I was so confused about homeschool! The pandemic was driving my family crazy, so we agreed that I would quit my job and homeschool our three boys. I did not know where to start and found this website that happened to have a private satellite school. We were delighted! I was given an excellent consultation […]

California Homeschool Academy PSP and Family Bible Study Member

I have had several special requests for worksheets, and my planning needs, Tasha was so sweet. She sent me an email asking my color scheme and feel, three days later, I received a wonderful email with my worksheets and new planner inserts. I use her planning inserts in a homemade book, to keep me organized. […]

California Homeschool Academy PSP Member

Great Service! Tasha was so patient with me and answered all of my questions. It helped that they had a form to fill out before having a consultation. This allowed me to say what I needed and why, which made for a great experience. Thank you for your help! Copyright And Secured. Randomnestfamily.  © 2022All Rights ReservedOriginal content here is […]


Let’s face it, homeschool is hard work. I have been at it for 3yrs when I felt like giving up. I needed inspiration. My first thought was to join a FB group, but I don’t like being on FB for personal reasons and Facebook shares to your friends what you post in a group. it […]

Duvet Family

The family bible study membership has been a God send to our family. Our teenager was not interested in Bible study, we felt we were losing him. But after doing a free family Bible study unit from this site, I knew we wanted more. Its not just a study and assignments, but it teaches you […]

Family Bible Study Member

Excellent Service First, I just want to thank my consultants for their excellent consultation. I’ve had one from someone else before, but left feeling as if I gained minor details. They were very detailed ordinated and made sure to answer every question I gave them. I am happy to write this testimonial for you all, […]

Homeschool Member

Help when needed. As a father that now has to work at home, I came across this page on Face Book when I found a devotion. Thank God, the help has been amazing. There is a lot of hard work that goes into those unit studies and articles, thank you. Homeschool Membership was just what […]

Homeschool Member

Love the freebies! I’m a mom of two kids, a 1st grader and a 6th grader. I love the printables, unit studies, and I love the homeschooling support. I thank you for the opportunity to write a review. I love how everything is so relaxed and not over professional during the consultation, like a good […]

Homeschool Member

Timely and needed. I was so happy to come across this website. I was looking for something to get inspiration from. I am a mom who has been homeschooling for three years, and I felt so burnt out. But this team pulled me together, and its at the BEST time. I am happy to join […]

Janet from P.A -Client/Free Membership


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