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+ Bible Unit Study Gospel of Matthew feature image @randomnestfamily.org

Bible Unit Study: Gospel of Matthew

A homeschool Bible unit study and family Bible Study!

+ Homeschool 101 with Randomnestfamily

Homeschool 2021

New Homeschool 2021 Updates!

Fall Back Into School

Fall back into school with us!

All-In-One Homeschool Curriculum

A one stop by with added supplementals!

Dollar Tree and Walmart Homeschool MUST Haves

Homeschool cannot SURVIVE without these!

+ Randomnestfamily, How to build your own homeschool curriculum.

How To Build Your Own Homeschool Curriculum

Saving money and teaching greatness!

What Homeschool Really Is

Truth vs. Misconceptions

Notebooking For The Summer

A creative mind inspired!

Reasons To Homeschool And Love It!

Homeschool Freedom!


How To Teach Race To Kids

Nine books sure to please!


A list of Spring and Summer Reads

Not just for spring, but summer too!

Tour My Classroom | Homeschool Room Tour | Homeschool 101 Basics

In this video, I take you around my classroom, come hang out with me, I can’t wait to show you around! xoxo

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