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“The Labor of Peacemaking”

Peacemaking is not always easy…

“Living Above Your Circumstances”

Being content!

“God Alone Deserves Worship”

Is your favorite sports team getting all the glory?

“Fully Alive”

What does it really mean to be “Fully Alive”?

“Overcoming Obstacles”


Behold A Mystery Part 1 | “The Rapture”

What does this mean? Get Ready!

Dr. Charles Stanley Tuesdays | “The Path to Success”

What is true success? In order to be successful in this life we have to change our thinking. Join Dr. Charles Stanley as we pinpoint the path to success! We hope this video INSPIRED you. Every Sunday, there is an Inspiration message just for you! Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE when visiting us on youtube. We Love you, Randomnestfamily

This is Love

Are you searching for love? Have you lost love? Do you know what love is?

“God’s Plans and Our Prayers”

Understand how prayer works and why it’s important.


How To Teach Race To Kids

Nine books sure to please!

What Do You Want?

What do you want?

Update With Me!

Time to Update!

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