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“I Know it was the Blood”

The blood of Jesus purifies your soul…PODCAST

Faith For Victory

Victory cannot exist without faith! Podcast

A Sword or Peace? Part 2

Don’t expect for the world to have peace.

A Sword or Peace? Part 1

Jesus knew this was going to happen!

Love Language?

How is your love language in Christ?
Devotion and Podcast

+ The white house. Prayers for America at Randomnestfamily.

Fight, Like Never Before!

A time to fight, like the world has never seen.

Yes, They Obey Him

Are we greater than they?

Prayer Of Self Deliverance

Battles that are won in prayer! A Podcast and blog.

The Joy Of Meditating

A joy found only in His Word!

Victory In Death

Death is not the last say!

I Cannot Forgive Them

Forgiveness is Freedom

God Knows My Heart

If you do good you receive God’s blessings – if you’re in Christ.

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