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A Prayer for our Authorities

A sometimes difficult, but necessary prayer…

+ flattering flag of united states of america_prayer and fast

America needs healing |21 Days to Pray and Fast

America is in trouble, join us in prayer and fasting.


They Just Don’t Know: Our Intercessory Prayer #2

The importance of intercessory prayer…

+ Beatiful mountain hills, above lush green grass: The Just Don't Know: Intercessory prayer

They Just Don’t Know: Our Intercessory Prayer #1

Even when wickedness is all around us, there is still HOPE!

+ A generation of family holding unto each other @Randomnestfamily.org

Generation to Generation

A generation that pleases God!

“Peace Be Still!”

Do you want peace?


Be Courageous in a Difficult World

Having courage to stand.

Yes, They Obey Him

Are we greater than they?

Prayer Of Self Deliverance

Battles that are won in prayer! A Podcast and blog.


What is Truth?

The world is full of false truths…


The Battle Isn’t Yours -Our Secret Army

When The Battle Seems Too Big

Mother’s Are Special

A special Mother’s Day gift to All Mom’s. You don’t want to miss it!

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