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“Making the Lord our Trust”

We cannot depend on government or people…

“Shared Suffering”

When we follow Jesus, we find our Way…

“Your Prayers can be Effective”

How can you pray effectively?

“Dealing with Grief”

Grief is something that is very hard to cover up..

“Sour-Sweet Decisions”

We are always so tempted to overlook…

“Do You belong to God?”

“Anyone who belongs to God listens gladly to the words of God.”
John 8:47

“It is Not God’s Will to Punish America”

Can the America turn around?

“Justice is Far from the Wicked”

Without God society can’t even justify justice…

A Change Of Plans: Part 2

A new, new normal.

“Our Enemies Will be put to Shame!”

God gives our enemies no peace…

Dr. Charles Stanley Tuesdays

“Not by might…”

“I Know it was the Blood”

The blood of Jesus purifies your soul…PODCAST

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