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What does your child want to be when they grow up???

Job Skills For Kids: A Family Bible Study, will bless you and your family plan for the next phase in life, a career with Christ as the head.

No matter what your child wants to do when they grow up, three basic attitudes help them land a job and keep it. This family Bible study looks into the Bible and a story about modern kids to teach the three qualities hiring managers want most.

Gather your family around, it’s time to dive into your Bibles!

This Bible Study Assignment pack is part of our Focus On Your Family Bible Study membership and will always come with the complete guide on how to get started with your family Bible Study.

Each of these assignments can be done in any order, so if you do not have time, no problem! Give the assignment out as time permits.

We are here to support you, as you jump into the Bible with your family.

Job Skills For Kids: A Family Bible Study Pack

Each assignment is also created with versatility. Meaning you can use them for older children, including high schoolers, as well as the lower primary grades.

No one is left out and Bible study is fun! Enjoy a tip on how to include toddlers.

Chore bucks are included in this Packet!

Enjoy a complete chore section for older children or students.

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1 review for Job Skills For Kids: A Family Bible Study Pack

  1. Rochelle Grant

    I cannot say how much my children and I loved this Bible study! We are still using the chore bucks and I tell you they do a good job! When they do not do as they are told, we deduct a chore buck. Then they have to earn it back! All in all, we have learned what our kids are capable of and thank you so much for creating this! We love how you used a basic Bible Study and amped it up for our home and homeschool. God bless you Randomnestfamily!

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