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Love the freebies! I’m a mom of two kids, a 1st grader and a 6th grader. I love the printables, and I love the new homeschooler support. I thank you for the opportunity to write a review. I love how you guys are so relaxed and not over professional when we talk, like a good friendship! Thank you.

Fara J. -Client and Star Member

Help when needed As a father that now has to work at home, I came across this page on Face Book when I found a devotion. Thank God, the help has been amazing. There is a lot of hard work that goes into those tutorials, thank you. The Star Membership was just what I needed for my homeschool support needs. We don’t know anyone … Read More Frankie M. From C.A. -Client and Star Member

Frankie M. From C.A. -Client and Star Member

Timely and needed. I was so happy to come across this website. I was looking for something to get inspiration from. I am a mom who has been homeschooling for three years, and I felt so burnt out. But this team pulled me together, and its at the BEST time. I am happy to join a team that cares so much about me and … Read More Janet from P.A -Client and Free Member

Janet from P.A -Client and Free Member

Excellent homeschool service, very organized. Very friendly people, paid for an hour consultation, well worth my time. They covered everything and helped me find services in my area to help me, made me a homeschool teacher planner upon special request. Great, I’m good for the year! I was asked to review my service.

Luke Warner of AZ -Client and Star Member

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